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Silverfish Control Solutions

Capable of surviving in many climates, silverfish predominantly thrive in dark, damp areas such as basements, attics, kitchens, and bathrooms. They are quiet, nocturnal, and quick — allowing them to go unnoticed for enough time for their numbers to grow exponentially. Whether you have seen one of these pests in your home or suspect an infestation, Green Team Pest can create a customized approach to effectively remove these uninvited squatters. Call us at (281) 295-1633 to speak to our silverfish control experts, or schedule an on-site consultation in Houston, TX or nearby.

Expert Silverfish Exterminators

If you suspect your home is hosting a silverfish population, delaying treatment will only allow the infestation to grow in severity. Most do-it-yourself remedies and products provide brief periods of relief on the surface but prove ineffective over time, allowing silverfish to resurface. Successful silverfish extermination requires help from an experienced professional to create a customized approach for lasting results. At Green Team, our comprehensive and effective process targets not only the pests themselves, but also their harborage — the places where pests hide, take shelter, and reproduce.

The experts at Green Team can assess the silverfish situation within your home and determine the most effective methods of control for your specific problem. Unlike other pest control companies, we don’t care about just making money — we care about our customers. Our honest and knowledgeable specialists won’t recommend treatment that isn’t necessary. We only utilize the most efficient and least invasive silverfish control methods to remedy the situation — all while considering the overall health and well-being of you, your children, your pets, and your home in general. We also offer special deals for added savings.


At Green Team, we firmly believe that every family deserves a home that is pest-free. We have proudly served as the trusted pest control provider of Houston, TX, and the surrounding areas — including Pearland, League City, and beyond — since 2005. In addition to silverfish, we also specialize in controlling cockroachesfire antsspidersrodents, and termites. Call us at (281) 295-1633 to learn more or request a free consultation.

Rid Your Property of Silverfish.
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