Spring has arrived bringing blue skies, spring flowers, and green vegetation. While this is a joyous time to spend outdoors embracing the season, these springtime features can also bring pests closer to your home. Increased moisture and flooding waters can make these pests even worse. At Green Team Pest, we equip property owners in the Houston, Texas and surrounding areas with professional defense against pests, rodents, and termites. Allow us to rid your home of pests so you can enjoy all that this season has to offer!

Bat Migration Patterns are Influencing Insect Populations and Agricultural ConditionsEcosystem Evolution

Scientists’ research shows that bat migration has changed, which has influenced our pest population. Bats are migrating from Mexico to Texas in mid-March, which is two weeks earlier than historical trends. Adding to the confusion, some bats don’t even migrate due to changing weather patterns.

Agriculture Influences

In conjunction with warmer temperatures and expanding agriculture, bats are emerging faster in the spring. Insects are also following suit, so the bats have a sufficient food supply for the time being. With this insect adaptation, the timing could continue to adjust which could negatively impact the farmers due to crop damage. Evidence shows that this change has occurred over the past few decades. 

Insect Eradication

Bats curb the insect population, as pests are their food supply. By eating more than half of their weight in insects, bats consume a variety of insects including noctuid moths, corn earworm, and fall armyworm. 

Natural Solutions

Our natural ecosystem is a delicate balance of timing and temperature that research suggests is changing. At Green Team Pest, we are doing our part to control pests invading your homes and property including cockroaches, silverfish, fire ants, spiders, and termites. Using our customized treatment plan to safely remove the pest while preserving the environment, we are eco-conscious using naturally occurring products whenever possible.

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Photo credit: public domain via wikipedia.com