More than just a nuisance, anyone who has been stung by a fire any knows that they mean business. Without proper removal, these pests can take over a property in no time at all. If you have noticed fire ants at your Houston property, take the advice from our pest control team at Green Team Pest, and fire those fire ants.

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More Than Harmless Ants

Some species of fire ants are invasive, while others are native to the area. They build their colonies in open areas under large mounds. Even though they only eat plants and small animals, they can be aggressive and their sting is no laughing matter. Some people are allergic to the venom that is secreted and can have a wide range of reactions (even including anaphylactic shock). 

These ants can take over your landscaping or even your electrical wiring. They like to swarm, so when you see one fire ant, you know that there are more nearby. It’s estimated that every year fire ants cost the US more than $5 billion dollars in damage and medical treatments in infested areas. These ants are anything but harmless.

How to Remove a Colony

Have you thought of removing fire ants on your own? Do-it-yourself advice ranges from buying pesticides at the store to burning the ants or even buying chickens to roam in your yard. Safety is important, and using fire or too many pesticides without experience can be harmful to yourself and the environment. It goes without saying that raising chickens take some work.

Why not trust the pest control experts to eradicate your yard of those fiery ants? We know these pests inside and out, so our experts are able to identify which species are on your property and can create an effective plan of attack. We are in the business of fire ant control.

If you are in need of pest control experts to fire your fire ants, contact Green Team Pest online, or call (281) 295-1633 for a free consultation. We also do termite treatments, roach control, and more. You don’t need to face these pests on your own. We are here to help.