The real estate market swings back and forth like a pendulum. During peaks, supply can be in such short demand that prospective buyers use clever tactics to win the bid. For example, they may offer more than the home is worth, buy it sight-unseen, or waive any inspections. At Green Team Pest, we don’t think you should waive the termite inspection, and this post explains why.

Why Houston Homebuyers Shouldn't Waive the Termite Inspection

Mitigation Can Add Up

When you waive the termite inspection, you really have no idea about your new home’s potential issues. It can seem appealing to cut corners to get the home you want in a hot real estate market. This is especially true if you’ve been overlooked in previous offers. However, you could be creating more issues for yourself down the road because termites can cause extensive structural damage. Whereas termite treatment can be straightforward, foundational repairs require structural engineers. The more extensive the damage, the more mitigation required, and the more costly repairs and restoration become. Don’t put yourself in a position where you overextend yourself before you even get the chance to settle into your new home.  

Termite Inspections Are Specialty Inspections

You may think your home inspection is all-encompassing, but that’s not the case. Inspections for wood destroying insects, pool & spa, sewer line, and mold are all examples of specialty inspections. General home inspectors require extra certification to perform these types of inspections. As a result, you’ll want to ensure that you not only get a termite inspection, but also that you use someone who is fully licensed and certified for that specialty. 

VA, FHA, and HUD Require Certain Inspections

Did you know that general home inspections don’t include certain aspects? A Wood Destroying Insect inspection differs from a general inspection. Even if you can waive the home inspection, you can’t get around the specialty inspections. If you make a cash deal, you can get around anything. However, if you’re like most people, you don’t have that luxury and your lender may require certain specialty inspections, so you should understand what those requirements are. 

You Don’t Want to Put Your Family’s Health at Risk 

Termites and other wood destroying insects can damage a home’s structural integrity. Moreover, mold and certain pests can pose health risks to children and adults. Further, treatment can entail significant costs, depending on the extent of the issue. For these reasons, you shouldn’t waive the inspection. Instead, put your mind at ease knowing your family is in a solid, healthy home. 

Learn About Termite Inspections and Treatment

Houston, TX, is in a region with high termite activity. Green Team Pest provides termite inspections and treatments for homes in Houston, as well as the surrounding area. If you’re buying a home, don’t waive the inspection. Call our experts today at (281) 295-1633 to schedule an inspection or request a free consultation.