With springtime comes the beauty of new life, blossoming plants and flowers, and warmer weather. Unfortunately, it’s also the time of year when many pests begin to hatch and invade homes. Spring is like a pest party, and at Green Team Pest, we’ve seen them all.  

Here are the most common pests that springtime brings around:


The minute you start to see termite swarmers at your windows or doors—or anywhere around your home—it’s smart to be safe and go ahead and have a professional come out. It’s not worth it to chance termites causing major structural damage to your house or new roof, especially when they can be easily stopped. The long-term damage these guys create is expensive and frustrating.


Gross! We’ve all seen these slippery, wiggly little critters in our kitchen or bathroom. They love to hang out in damp areas, and they’re very fast—meaning, if you’ve seen one, there are probably more. This can be a problem, since silverfish can damage things like wallpaper, books, and clothing.

photo credit: public domain via extension.umn.edu
photo credit: public domain via extension.umn.edu


Springtime brings about a lot of new spiders, and very often they find their way into our homes. While not the most dangerous of pests, spiders do freak people out—and their webs can get irritating and are visually uninviting.


Mice typically hunker down in warm homes during the winter, and by springtime, many people find themselves with a mouse problem. As anyone who’s dealt with mice before knows, they can cause big problems. They leave droppings, they chew through cords, they’re dirty—and very often, when you see one, you have more. Worse still, they attract snakes.

photo credit: public domain via sciencemag.org
photo credit: public domain via sciencemag.org

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