The holidays are filled with festivities, bringing friends and family into your home. Homeowners are busy decorating and making their homes warm and inviting this season. Beware! Our beloved traditions of bringing outdoor fixtures indoors can come with uninvited guests. Take a few precautions this year to ensure your holiday décor doesn’t offer an access point to outdoor pests. Keeping your home pest- and rodent-free is our top priority at Green Team Pest. Serving our neighbors and community in Houston, Pearland, League City, and surrounding areas, let us help keep the holidays pest free.

Prevent Pests by Inspecting Live Christmas Trees Before Decorating

Uninvited Holiday Guests

Control spiders, ticks, ants, and mice from entering your home with a few safety precautions this holiday.

Bringing Outdoor Décor into Your Home

Pests seek shelter throughout the winter in outdoor shrubbery and trees. Christmas trees, wreaths and firewood are home to a variety of insects including termites, and rodents.

Hidden Surprises

While some creatures are easy to see, others are not. Insects can hide deep within crevices of wood. Insects can also lay eggs in these areas, presenting long-term problems.


Be sure to inspect these items carefully before bringing them into your home. Be on the lookout for insects, rodents, webs, and eggs. Remove these items by shaking off outdoor plant life before bringing it indoors.


Holiday décor is the perfect hideaway for rodents and pests living in your basement, garage, and crawl spaces. Prevent issues in the future by storing holiday decorations with care. Inspect decorations for signs of critters before storing them in plastic bins with secure lids. At the end of the season, remove all live greenery, and dispose of it away from your home’s perimeter.

Keep your holiday guest list secure by limiting access points for pests and rodents in and around your home. For more information on our proven process for prevention and removal of pests and rodents, contact Green Team Pest at (281) 295-1633.

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