Squeak squeak! Scratch scratch! Think you might have a mouse—or two? Mice are some of the most common house pests of all time, and there are clear signs that indicate if they have decided to move in with you. Here are the telltale signs from Green Team Pest.

You Spot It

Mice are quick as can be, but if you’ve got them, you’ll see them. They tend to be most active at night, but they can be spotted during the day sometimes, too. They love hiding places and dark areas.


The ultimate sign: droppings. And lots of them. Mice create 40-100 droppings each day, and they are easy to spot because they’re pellet-shaped with pointed ends. They’ll be mostly in the kitchen or wherever food may be found, but you will see them everywhere if you have mice.

Telltale Signs You've Got Mice
photo credit: public domain via freshairfortcollins.com

You’re Sharing Your Food

If you find boxes, bags, or packages of food that have been chewed open, you’ve probably had some unwelcome dinner guests. You may also find crumbs scattered around kitchen counters or the floor. If you make this discovery, check closely for droppings to validate that there are mice. Also, check for pet food being “stolen” from food bowls or bags.

You Hear Things

Mice love to run around inside walls, so if you hear scratching there—especially at night—chances are you have mice. Because mice are so tiny, these sounds are easy to miss, but they can be heard. Mice can also knock things over or cause other sounds while they’re running around during the night. For example, you may hear dishes moving around on a dish drying rack.

There’s Damage

Have you found gnawed-up door frames or baseboards? Holes in the wall? Chewed-on wires or cords? Perhaps there’s electrical damage that you can’t explain, or you find insulation kicked out of an area. If you find any of these, mice could be the culprit.

Telltale Signs You've Got Mice
photo credit: public domain via stackexchange.com

Something Smells

If you keep smelling something musky, it may very well be mice. Or, if you notice your pet pawing at an area where they previously didn’t care about, look around that area for holes or other signs of mice.


Mice may be cute, but they can be harmful to your home and your health. If you think you have a mouse problem, allow Green Team Pest to handle it for you! We are the premier pest and rodent control service in Houston, Pearland, and League City, Texas. Contact us at (281) 295-1633 to learn more about us, or schedule an on-site consultation.