Spring has awakened many things here in Texas: the flowers, trees… and the fire ants. During this time of year, fire ants become increasingly active as they forage for food and search for new places to colonize. Protect your lawn from these dangerous pests with professional fire ant control from Green Team Pest. Our team will customize a pest control solution for your home and lawn that effectively eliminates and prevents future infestations. 

Fire Ant Control

A Painful Problem

Fire ants are more than just a nuisance. Rather, they are quite dangerous and can trigger lethal reactions in young children, people with allergies, and pets. In addition to their painful stings, fire ants can also cause costly damage to lawns and buildings. Fire ants are not preferential about where they colonize. Henceforth, they will invade anywhere food is available, including homes, buildings, gardens, electrical equipment, utility housings, compost piles, and landscaping. 

Treatment Is Challenging

Fire ant mounds are unsightly and pose difficulties when mowing, landscaping, farming, etc. However, mounds are just the tip of the iceberg as fire ant tunnels can reach seven feet beneath the surface of the ground. To make matters worse, a single queen can lay up to 2,000 eggs per day! These factors make treating fire ant colonies particularly challenging. Unless the queen and all worker ants are killed, the colony will quickly rebound.

Professional Treatment

Even if you find success exterminating fire ants on your own, the battle is far from over. Fire ants prefer to colonize areas that are free from competitors, so an empty yard is quite appealing to them. Unless you intend to make fire ant treatment your favorite hobby, call Green Team. Our team will customize a treatment plan tailored to your home’s specific needs. Then, we will treat your lawn accordingly to provide effective, long-lasting results.

Schedule a Consultation

Spring is the best time to treat for fire ants. To request a consultation for fire ant control for your Houston area home, contact Green Team at (281) 295-1633. In addition to fire ants, we also specialize in controlling cockroaches, silverfish, spiders, rodents, and termites