We are in the thick of winter here in the greater Houston area. The cool, damp weather forces people to spend increasing amounts of time indoors. Likewise, rodents and pests flock to homes in search of food, shelter, and a safe nesting site. If you’ve noticed an increase in rodent activity in and around your home, you are not alone. Contact Green Team Pest today to learn about our rodent control services. To avoid future rodent issues, we recommend you take the following precautions (see our previous post for more tips):

Houston Rodent and Pest Control

5. Inspect Pipes and Wires

Rodents can squeeze through incredibly small cracks and gaps to gain access to your home. For example, rodents are particularly adept at squeezing through openings around exterior pipes, conduit, and wiring. Check around exterior faucets, gas lines, wires, etc., that enter your home from outside. If you notice gaps around these features, consider installing metal rodent guards to prevent access.

6. Clean!

We know keeping the kitchen free of crumbs is a challenge. Routinely wiping down counters, sweeping floors, and properly storing food, though, is crucial for preventing rodent infestations. Similarly, make sure leftovers and opened food packages are sealed and stored in airtight packaging. This doesn’t just apply to human food either – leftover pet food should be disposed of once your pet is finished eating, to avoid luring in unwanted guests.

7. Declutter

Rodents love to nest in dark, cluttered areas. Old boxes of clothes, stacks of newspapers, woodpiles near the home, and other cluttered areas are prime targets for rodent nesting sites. As such, keep indoor and outdoor clutter to a minimum as much as possible. Cluttered areas in the lawn and garden should be kept away from the house to discourage pests from moving indoors.

8. Tightly Seal Your Trash

Pests of all kinds love garbage. Therefore, we recommend keeping all trash in a tightly sealed bin as far away from your home as possible. This makes entrance to the bin difficult for intruders and keeps any possible invaders far from your home.

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Winter is not the time to take a break from pest control. In fact, taking measures now to eliminate rodent and pest infestations helps keep insect and rodent problems to a minimum during the rest of the year. To request a free on-site consultation for your home in Houston, Pearland, League City, and beyond, contact Green Team today at (281) 295-1633.