Termite Questions are Answered by Green Team Pest

Termites are a silent threat to homes. A termite infestation can do extreme amounts of damage before it’s even discovered. Taking proactive measures to identify access points and threats for termites is a great step towards securing your home. Termites are a job for the experts and should not be taken lightly.  If you’re buying or selling a home in the Houston, Texas area, the pest control experts at Green Team Pest are at your service.

Can You Identify a Silverfish?

Would you know a silverfish if you spotted one? These house pests are very common, and chances are you’ve seen your share of them around a sink or perhaps in a corner of your bathroom. It’s good to know these little guys when you see them, because if they become too numerous, your drywall, clothing, paperwork, or books could suffer, since that’s what silverfish enjoy eating. Of course, if they start to crowd you, you can always call us at Green Team Pest—but hopefully it won’t come to that.

Telltale Signs You’ve Got Mice

Squeak squeak! Scratch scratch! Think you might have a mouse—or two? Mice are some of the most common house pests of all time, and there are clear signs that indicate if they have decided to move in with you. Here are the telltale signs from Green Team Pest.

Watch Out for These Four Common Springtime Pests

With springtime comes the beauty of new life, blossoming plants and flowers, and warmer weather. Unfortunately, it’s also the time of year when many pests begin to hatch and invade homes. Spring is like a pest party, and at Green Team Pest, we’ve seen them all.  Here are the most common pests that springtime brings around:

5 Quick Tips To Keep Children Safe during Pest Control

Many parents and caregivers worry about using conventional pest control around their children – and rightfully so. Consider the following tips from Green Team Pest to keep children safe when you have pest problems that need to be addressed.Keeping Kids SafeKids are naturally curious. If you purchase any pesticides (green or otherwise), be sure to store them well out of reach or in a locked cabinet.Pesticides should not be used willy-nilly all about the house just because a few pests have been found. Concentrate treatment locally, and stick to the least toxic products you can find.Always follow product labels, and ensure that children are kept away from the area during application and at minimum until the product dries.One of the best ways to reduce the need for harmful pesticides is to be proactive, take pre-emptive steps, and learn to recognize signs of pests before you have a full-on infestation.Hire a … Continued