Spring and summer are the prime seasons for selling and buying homes. Moving is stressful and can be made worse with unexpected visitors in your new home. A new home brings new surroundings and new pests. Pests and rodents find reprieve from warm temperatures in cool homes. At Green Team Pest, we are offering a special for move-in pest treatment. Serving our community in Houston, TX, Pearland, League City, and surrounding areas, we provide the highest quality services to keep your property and the environment safe and pest-free.

Remove Stress on Moving Day with a Move in Pest Control Special from Green Team PestLive Pest-Free with Green Team Pest

Eliminate Pest Resources

Pests are resourceful and are seeking shelter, water, and food all throughout the year. Even in new construction, pests are common. This does not mean you are a bad homeowner or living under unsanitary conditions, but it is something to treat immediately to avoid a bigger issue long term. Eliminate pest resources by keeping food off the floor and away from the walls. Dispose of trash quickly and safely by storing away from the structure in bins with secure lids. 

Identify Pest Signs

Look for signs of pests around your property. Rodent droppings, egg casings, nests, and strong odors are possible indications of a pest infestation. Signs can vary depending on the insect or rodent. If you’re uncertain of the signs, contact pest control experts to discuss your concerns.

Secure the Property

For a limited time, we are offering a $159 move-in pest treatment special. This is a great opportunity for the professionals to inspect your home and yard for potential pest threats and activity. This special includes a one-time exterior and interior treatment with the option to upgrade to a customized service plan. Moving is stressful, but a pest and rodent issue can make it worse. Remove one thing from your to-do list by scheduling a consultation with Green Team Pest at (281) 295-1633.