Buying a new home is like staring at a clean slate. You get to choose the paint colors and make it feel like home with personal touches and decor. While the home might feel like it is all yours, many Houston homes come with some unwanted roommates. Cockroaches, fire ants, spiders, and silverfish are common household pests that many new homeowners don’t know how to deal with. Before you settle in, let our team at Green Team Pest eliminate these pests with a move-in pest treatment.

Pest Inspection

On-site Consultation

We know that every home is unique. Prior to treating your new home, one of our inspectors will perform a general inspection of your home and yard. We will customize a treatment plan based upon our findings and your specific needs. We take into consideration who is living in the home (i.e. children, pets, etc.), and create an effective plan that is safe for the whole family.

Indoor and Outdoor Treatment

Once we have assessed your home and family’s needs, we will treat the interior and exterior of your home. Our move-in treatments include a one-time treatment with options to upgrade to a customized service plan as needed. Unlike our competitors, we use the least invasive methods possible to remedy the problem. We also use naturally occurring products whenever possible.

Ongoing Treatment

After moving into your new home, it may be prudent to invest in long term pest control services. We currently offer our Texas Pest Protection Plan, which includes 6 treatments per year with follow-ups as needed. We also offer termite inspections and treatments along with rodent control and removal services. Be sure to check out our specials to get the best prices on these high-quality services.

We’ve Got You Covered

When buying a home, the last thing you want to find on move-in day is a pest problem. Even worse than a colony of fire ants is an infestation of termites chewing away at your foundation. For all of your pest control needs in the Pearland and League City areas, contact Green Team Pest at (281) 295-1633 or request an online consultation today.