The winter season has been a challenge, leaving many suffering from cabin fever. With much of the United States experiencing harsh winter weather conditions, many are hopeful the reward will come with fewer bugs this spring and summer. It’s common to think that a cold winter means a more subdued bug population during warm weather. Is that true? Let the experts at Green Team Pest advise you on all of your pest, rodent, and termite questions. Keep your household pest free by learning what to expect as the seasons shift in the coming months.

Seasonal Shifts Influencing Pests this Spring

Insect Populations with Change in Seasons, Moisture, and Time

Seasonal Effects

Many people believe that a mild winter causes worse pest issues in the spring. Equally, the same thinking would assume a harsh winter with prolonged periods of cold temperatures means fewer pest issues with seasonal shifts. The short answer is that it’s not that simple. Many factors contribute to our pest population including rain levels, insect species, insect predator populations, and breeding season timelines. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to predict pest issues due to temperatures alone.

Moisture Effects

Rather than winter weather, many insects are more influenced by spring weather conditions. For example, heavy spring rains often indicate a worse mosquito season, as mosquitoes need water to lay their eggs.

Time Effects

With a variety of environmental factors at play, the insect population varies each year. If a certain species had a high incidence of mortality in one season, it would be subdued for a few years before resuming its normal population level. The long-term result is a consistent population level. Overall, biology gravitates towards a state of equilibrium over time.

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