Why Houston Homebuyers Shouldn’t Waive the Termite Inspection

The real estate market swings back and forth like a pendulum. During peaks, supply can be in such short demand that prospective buyers use clever tactics to win the bid. For example, they may offer more than the home is worth, buy it sight-unseen, or waive any inspections. At Green Team Pest, we don’t think you should waive the termite inspection, and this post explains why.

We Are Houston’s One-Stop Shop for Termite Control

Each year, termites cause billions of dollars worth of damage to structures throughout the U.S. Don’t take your chances when purchasing a home or commercial building. Instead, call Green Team Pest to schedule comprehensive termite treatment services for your property today. We are your one-stop shop for termite detection and elimination.

Should You Purchase a Home with Termite Damage?

Everything is bigger in Texas, including the termite colonies! If you’re planning to purchase a new home in the Houston area, do your due diligence by ordering a termite inspection before moving in. At Green Team Pest, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you determine if termites are present and how to get rid of them.