Why You Need to Act Quickly to Eliminate Mice from Your Home

No one wants to share their living space with mice or other rodents. Besides being an unsettling presence, mice can cause real damage inside your home. Green Team Pest believes that every family deserves to live in a pest-free home, and we will customize a plan to remedy your pest issue using the most efficient means possible. Let us go over the reasons you need to act quickly to eliminate mice from your home, and how we can help you do that.

3 of The Most Destructive Household Pests

It’s safe to say that no one wants a pest infestation, but some pests are worse than others. Besides the health risk they pose, they can wreak havoc on your home and bank account. Green Team Pest has seen the damage caused by pest infestations, and our experts have the knowledge to effectively eliminate pests from your home. Here are three of the most destructive household pests, and how we can help keep them away.

Rodent-Proof Your Home in 8 Easy Steps: Part Two

We are in the thick of winter here in the greater Houston area. The cool, damp weather forces people to spend increasing amounts of time indoors. Likewise, rodents and pests flock to homes in search of food, shelter, and a safe nesting site. If you’ve noticed an increase in rodent activity in and around your home, you are not alone. Contact Green Team Pest today to learn about our rodent control services. To avoid future rodent issues, we recommend you take the following precautions (see our previous post for more tips):

Rodent-Proof Your Home in 8 Easy Steps: Part One

Houston is entering into the coolest, wettest months of the year. While this means Houston-area residents are spending more time indoors, it also means rodents and pests are seeking harborage in your home. Every year when the temperature drops, Green Team Pest receives countless calls about rodent removal. This year, take a proactive approach to keep rodents out of your home. Check back in February for more tips on rodent-proofing your home.

5 Telltale Signs Your Home Has a Rodent Problem

Every year, thousands of Houston homes are invaded by rodents. If your home has a problem with mice, rats, or other pests, don’t panic. Green Team Pest uses safe, effective methods to eliminate rodent problems once and for all. To determine if your home is harboring a hidden rodent population, look for these five telltale signs.

Say Goodbye to Rats, Mice, and Other Rodents Once and For All

Many Texans welcome the cooler, more comfortable temperatures of winter. While the drop in temperature and humidity is a welcome change, the cold nights also welcome uninvited pests into thousands of Houston homes. To protect your home from a rodent infestation, call Green Team Pest. We will evict your unwanted “guests” so you can enjoy a pest-free home once more.

New House, New Pests: Move-In Pest Treatment Specials

Spring and summer are the prime seasons for selling and buying homes. Moving is stressful and can be made worse with unexpected visitors in your new home. A new home brings new surroundings and new pests. Pests and rodents find reprieve from warm temperatures in cool homes. At Green Team Pest, we are offering a special for move-in pest treatment. Serving our community in Houston, TX, Pearland, League City, and surrounding areas, we provide the highest quality services to keep your property and the environment safe and pest-free.