Top 4 Tips for Avoiding Termite Infestations in Houston

Houston is home to a variety of termite species, but they all have one thing in common: they’re destructive! Termites can cause thousands of dollars in damage before homeowners ever suspect a problem. At Green Team Pest, we have been providing total termite control for Houston homes since 2005. Our team of experts has compiled a list of the top four methods for avoiding termite infestations.

Why It’s Time to Fire Those Fire Ants

More than just a nuisance, anyone who has been stung by a fire any knows that they mean business. Without proper removal, these pests can take over a property in no time at all. If you have noticed fire ants at your Houston property, take the advice from our pest control team at Green Team Pest, and fire those fire ants.

New House, New Pests: Move-In Pest Treatment Specials

Spring and summer are the prime seasons for selling and buying homes. Moving is stressful and can be made worse with unexpected visitors in your new home. A new home brings new surroundings and new pests. Pests and rodents find reprieve from warm temperatures in cool homes. At Green Team Pest, we are offering a special for move-in pest treatment. Serving our community in Houston, TX, Pearland, League City, and surrounding areas, we provide the highest quality services to keep your property and the environment safe and pest-free.

Winging It: How the Bat Migration Influences our Pest Population

Spring has arrived bringing blue skies, spring flowers, and green vegetation. While this is a joyous time to spend outdoors embracing the season, these springtime features can also bring pests closer to your home. Increased moisture and flooding waters can make these pests even worse. At Green Team Pest, we equip property owners in the Houston, Texas and surrounding areas with professional defense against pests, rodents, and termites. Allow us to rid your home of pests so you can enjoy all that this season has to offer!

Cold Weather Payoff: Do Winter Weather Conditions Influence Bugs?

The winter season has been a challenge, leaving many suffering from cabin fever. With much of the United States experiencing harsh winter weather conditions, many are hopeful the reward will come with fewer bugs this spring and summer. It’s common to think that a cold winter means a more subdued bug population during warm weather. Is that true? Let the experts at Green Team Pest advise you on all of your pest, rodent, and termite questions. Keep your household pest free by learning what to expect as the seasons shift in the coming months.

Invite Green Team Pest to Remove Pests from Your Holiday Guest List

The holidays are filled with festivities, bringing friends and family into your home. Homeowners are busy decorating and making their homes warm and inviting this season. Beware! Our beloved traditions of bringing outdoor fixtures indoors can come with uninvited guests. Take a few precautions this year to ensure your holiday décor doesn’t offer an access point to outdoor pests. Keeping your home pest- and rodent-free is our top priority at Green Team Pest. Serving our neighbors and community in Houston, Pearland, League City, and surrounding areas, let us help keep the holidays pest free.

Answers to Your Top 3 Pest Control Questions This Fall

As cooler weather settles in, everyone, including outdoor insects and pests, takes notice. As the weather changes, pests are on high alert in search of shelter from the elements. Unfortunately, our warm houses are very appealing. At Green Team Pest, we make it our business to ensure you’re the only one enjoying the comforts of your home this fall. If you’re noticing evidence of uninvited guests in the form of pests and insects, let our pest control team clear the room!Protecting Your Home from Fall Pests and Rodents1. What are common pest and rodent issues in the fall?MiceMice are the biggest rodent invaders in the fall and winter months. Look for signs of mice in the form of droppings along baseboards.Stink BugsStink bugs can fly, making them difficult to catch.SpidersFall is mating season for spiders. They’re common all year round, but they’re particularly prevalent now.2. How do pests and rodents gain … Continued

Termite Questions are Answered by Green Team Pest

Termites are a silent threat to homes. A termite infestation can do extreme amounts of damage before it’s even discovered. Taking proactive measures to identify access points and threats for termites is a great step towards securing your home. Termites are a job for the experts and should not be taken lightly.  If you’re buying or selling a home in the Houston, Texas area, the pest control experts at Green Team Pest are at your service.

Can You Identify a Silverfish?

Would you know a silverfish if you spotted one? These house pests are very common, and chances are you’ve seen your share of them around a sink or perhaps in a corner of your bathroom. It’s good to know these little guys when you see them, because if they become too numerous, your drywall, clothing, paperwork, or books could suffer, since that’s what silverfish enjoy eating. Of course, if they start to crowd you, you can always call us at Green Team Pest—but hopefully it won’t come to that.