As cooler weather settles in, everyone, including outdoor insects and pests, takes notice. As the weather changes, pests are on high alert in search of shelter from the elements. Unfortunately, our warm houses are very appealing. At Green Team Pest, we make it our business to ensure you’re the only one enjoying the comforts of your home this fall. If you’re noticing evidence of uninvited guests in the form of pests and insects, let our pest control team clear the room!

Protecting Your Home from Fall Pests and Rodents

1. What are common pest and rodent issues in the fall?Mice Control


Mice are the biggest rodent invaders in the fall and winter months. Look for signs of mice in the form of droppings along baseboards.

Stink Bugs

Stink bugs can fly, making them difficult to catch.


Fall is mating season for spiders. They’re common all year round, but they’re particularly prevalent now.

2. How do pests and rodents gain access to the home?

Pests gain access with the smallest openings, so even a small crack is concerning. Easily accessible areas include windows, doors, and vents. Seeing issues around the laundry room or the kitchen? Double check home repairs for improper sealing, as dishwasher and washing machine installation projects can be unassuming access points.

3. What should you do when you notice a pest control issue?

Walk around the perimeter of your home and inspect the exterior walls for openings and cracks. Seeing these vulnerable spots takes an expert eye. We are proud to provide pest protection for homes and businesses in and around the Houston, Texas area. We’ll perform an on-site consultation to identify the issues and provide solutions.

Have peace of mind this fall knowing your home is pest free by calling the experts. Contact Green Team Pest by visiting us online or calling to request a consultation at (281) 295-1633.

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