Every year, thousands of Houston homes are invaded by rodents. If your home has a problem with mice, rats, or other pests, don’t panic. Green Team Pest uses safe, effective methods to eliminate rodent problems once and for all. To determine if your home is harboring a hidden rodent population, look for these five telltale signs.

Houston Rodent and Pest Control

1. Rodent Droppings

The presence of small, dark-colored droppings is a sure sign your home has a rodent problem. Droppings are typically found near food packages, in cupboards and drawers, under the sink, and in other hidden areas throughout the home. 

2. Visible Gnaw Marks

Rodents are known chewers and leave a trail of destruction in their wake. Homeowners may notice gnaw marks on food packaging, wooden surfaces, fabrics, wiring, and a variety of other surfaces. Larger gnaw marks are indicative of a rat problem, whereas smaller gnaw marks signal a mouse problem. If you find light-colored gnaw marks throughout your home, there’s a good chance you have a growing rodent problem in your home.

3. Foul Odor

Because of their keen sense of smell, pets are great at sniffing out a rodent problem. Rodents give off a distinct, stale smell that is particularly noticeable in small, enclosed areas. Your pets will likely pick up on this scent first, but if the population becomes large enough, you will begin to notice the odor as well.

4. Tracks and Runways

Rodents tend to follow the same paths in and around your home. If you discover an area you believe is being frequented by rodents, try inspecting it with a flashlight. Oftentimes, rodent runways are marked with smudge marks, footprints, urine stains, and droppings. 

5. Nests

As we mentioned previously, rodents love to chew. Mice and rats will shred paper, fabric, and other dried materials to form their nests. If you find clusters of hidden material with visible droppings, gnaw marks, etc., you’ve found an active nest.

Call For Help

Rodent infestations can be difficult to remove. Don’t take on this monumental task on your own. Instead, allow Green Team to inspect your home and craft a customized rodent control plan designed specifically for your home. With one phone call, you can be on your way to a clean, safe, rodent-free home once more. To request an on-site consultation, contact us today at (281) 295-1633.